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Diamond Grinding & Coating Removal

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Restore your concrete flooring using our expert diamond grinding services, which utilize high-quality diamond bits to fix irregular pits and faults on concrete pavements.

Diamond grinding also removes contaminated particles from surfaces and smoothens the concrete. It’s also great for preparing your flooring for coating and sealer applications.

You can also make use of diamond grinding techniques to remove paint, epoxy and glue from your flooring. If you want to get new flooring options for your lot, such as vinyl or tiles, it’s a good idea to use diamond grinding to remove existing leftover substances first.

Benefits of Diamond Grinding

Smooth Surface

The most important benefit of diamond grinding is that it smoothens concrete surfaces. This helps walking over concrete pavements safer and easier.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Diamond grinding makes concrete surfaces look as good as new, bringing out its natural beauty and giving it a fresh, polished look. It also improves the texture of the surface.

Highly Durable

The best part about diamond grinding is that it gives concrete surfaces added durability, especially because smoother surfaces are naturally more resistant to wearing down than irregular ones.


A sustainable and eco-friendly solution, diamond grinding reduces installation waste and carries durable, long lasting qualities. It also enhances indoor air by resisting mold and dust particles.

Easy to Maintain

Diamond grinded concrete floors are durable and long-lasting, which makes them easy to maintain than most flooring options. They only require quick refinishing every 5-10 years to bring back its shine.


Grinding and polishing concrete is a comparatively quick and cheaper option than installing other flooring.

We provide quick and efficient diamond grinding and coating removal services, using high quality equipment.

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