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Do you want to add a double layer of protection to your flooring?

Epoxy floor coatings offer an extremely durable, non-slip and high performance flooring option, especially for heavy industrial spaces.

Combined with urethane, a beneficial topcoat/sealer for epoxy, this type of flooring can provide immense value to areas demanding high protection, and can be easily installed over most concrete slabs.

Benefits of Epoxy & Urethane Floor Coatings

Double Protection Layer

Epoxy and urethane floor coatings are extremely durable, and offer dual surface protection. They are less permeable than other flooring options, which makes them resistant to chemicals and general use. They also protect concrete flooring from corrosion.

Urethane also ensures that flooring is heat and scratch resistant, and protected from harmful effects of ultraviolet light.

Non-Slip Surface

Epoxy and urethane floor coating has a non-slip, skid-proof surface, even when it’s wet, which makes it a good option for industrial settings and spaces, because it offers safety and mobility for employees.

Epoxy/urethane flooring is great for commercial and industrial areas, including animal care centers, laboratories, restaurants, repair shops, aeronautical hangars and more.

Reduces Costs

Epoxy/urethane flooring boosts light reflectivity by 300%, which brightens up the surroundings and cuts the cost of bills. Its dual protection layer also reduces maintenance costs.

Multiple Color & Texture Options

The good thing about epoxy and urethane floor coatings is you can easily apply a top finish of any color or texture to suit your needs and fit it into your décor. Urethane also gives flooring a glossy finish for a sophisticated look.

Tips for Epoxy/Urethane Flooring Maintenance:
  • Dry mop daily to remove abrasives that can damage and scratch the surface.
  • Wet mop once a week with a diluted non-residue alkaline, water and floor cleaner mixture. Allow to dry.
  • Auto-scrub every 2 weeks. Use soft nylon bristle pads.
  • Make sure your detergents/cleaners don’t leave any residue.

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