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Toughen up your floors and add extra durability and strength with resinous flooring.

Resinous flooring creates smooth surfaces, used in many remodeling and construction project in industrial and commercial spaces. It consists of a strategic mix of several materials, which strengthens flooring and makes it much more durable and high-performance.

Benefits of Resinous Flooring:


Resinous flooring is seamless, and prevents accumulation of bacteria. It does not require any waxing or buffing for cleaning purposes.


The non-slip and skid-proof quality of resinous flooring makes it an ideal choice for industrial and commercial areas, where safety and mobility is important for people, such as employees.

Chemical Resistant

Resinous flooring is incredibly resistant to chemicals and corrosions, which makes it a great for laboratories and manufacturing spaces.


Because it’s made of a mix of durable materials, resinous flooring offers an exceptionally long-lasting quality, with resistance to cracks and corrosion.


Resinous flooring is a much more affordable option than other flooring types, such as vinyl, terrazzo and carpeting.

Customizable Design

The great thing about resinous flooring is that it comes in a variety of colors and textures, and you can customize it however you want to fit it into your décor.

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